21 August 2009


Took some time out birding with Karim @sinooorita and Jason @harukoru at Sugud Forest Reseve but birding was slow and not long enough it started to rain. So we all decided to make a day.

A fruit dove was spotted by courtesy of Jason @harukoru and the large woodshrike was spotted by Karim and myself.


16 August 2009

13-16 August 09 - Uthai Treesucon and Party

Birding with Mr Uthai T. x 5 pax from Thailand. We managed to see most of the required bird's in their list except for the Giant Pitta.

Mr Uthai Treesucon & Party

Pied Hornbill

Brown Wood Owl (Poor picture)
White Fronted Falconet

Crested Goshawk

Large Green Pigeon

Asian Fairy Bluebird

Malaysian Blue Flycatcher
Raffles Malkoha - Juvenile
Scarlet Rumped Trogon

Borneon Gibbon
List of birds from 13-16 Aug 09
*Oriental Darter
*Little Egret
*Large Egret
*Brahminy Kite
*Crested Goshawk
*Crested Serpent Eagle
*Black Eagle
*White Fronted Falconet
*Chestnut Necklace Partridge (heard)
*White breasted Waterhen
*Large Grean Pigeon
*Little Gean Pigeon
*Green Imperial Pigeon
*Spotted Neck Dove
*Blue Throated BeeEater
*Raffles Malkoha
*Black-bellied Malkoha
*Lesser Coucal
*Brown Wood Owl
*Edible Birdnest Swift
*Silver-rumped Swift
*Whiskered TreeSwift
*Pacific Swallow
*Scarled-rumped Trogon
*Rufous Backed Kingfisher
*White-crowned Hornbill
*Pied Hornbill
*Black Hornbill
*Rhinocerous Hornbill (heard)
*Helmeted Hornbill (heard)
*Wreated Hornbill
*Brown Barbet
*Great Slaty Woodpecker
*Olive-backed Woodpecker
*Rufous Woodpecker
*Maroon Woodpecker
*Buff-rimped Woodpecker
*Buff-necked Woodpecker
*Rufous Piculet
*Black and Yellow Broadbill
*Black & Crimson Pitta
*Blue-headed Pitta
*Yellow Wagtail
*Scarlet Minivet
*Green Iora
*Common Iora
*Greater Leafbird
*Lesser Leafbird
*Asian Fairy Bluebird
*Yellow Vented Bulbul
*Red-eyed Bulbul
*Cream-vented Bulbul
*Spectacled Bulbul
*Hairy-backed Bulbul
*Buff-vented Bulbul
*White-rumped Shama
*White-bellied Yuhina
*Chestnut-winged Babbler
*Ashy Tailorbird
*Malaysian Blue Flycatcher
*Pied Fantail Flycatcher
*Maroon-breasted Philentoma
*Rufous-winged Philentoma
*Velvet-fronted Nuthatch
*Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker
*Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
*Crimson Sunbird
*Purple Throated Sunbird
*Little Spiderhunter
*Dusky Munia
*White-bellied Munia
*Bronzed Drongo
*Dark-throated Oriole
*Glossy Starling
*Common Myna
*Slender-billed Crow

11 August 2009

Scaly-breasted Munia - Lonchura Punctulata

Was trying to look out for the Slaty-breasted rail or the Buff-banded rail at the same place but instead a single Scaly-breasted Munia was seen flying in the same area.

I have been trying to get a decent shot of this bird until today. So enjoy.
Happy Birding.

Film Festival Malaysia ke 22 / 2009 - UMS Sabah

Took sometime off from my usual guiding for birders, this time it was for the Artist and Writers of Malaysia. After the awards night, they were treated to visit the World Heritage Mt Kinabalu Park and lunch at one of the local hotel.

I was previliged to know some nice people who acutally are the real "actor" of the films. Writers of Malaysia have gone a long way and I am happy to know that writing is now a force in the income earner. Malaysia Boleh...

09 August 2009


Its been a while guiding to Pulau Gaya and to Pulau Sapi.

Pulau Gaya has not lost it's charm and the jungle trails were maintain very well and got a picture of a wild orchid sp (cymbidium finlaysonianum)

The only difference that I notice was that the ending point (the Padang) is now developed and has proper toilet, a reception hall and a ticket booth.

The jetty was also built finally to make it easier to embark on to the boat. Previously we had to get wet and had to climb into the boat.

Then it was off to Pulau Sapi, it was busy with local and international visitors likewise. After taking lunch the "dragons of Sapi" suddenly came out from the jungle to display their interest on the leftovers.

Without warning a "mangrove blue-flycatcher" sighted not far from the dragons. It was perching under the bbq pit which was already cooled. However I had only the G9 and this was the result.

Happy reading

06 August 2009


Took sometime to check out the mudflats today with Karim @sinooorita at Lok Kawi.
Some of the waders are showing signs that they are coming back to Borneo beach.

Looking forward to see more species coming down to this shores again.

Birds sighted today:-
1) Common Red Shank
2) Greater Plover
3) Grey Tailled Tattler
4) Common Sand Piper
5) Little Ring Plover
6) Little Tern

Temminks Sunbird female

Temminks Sunbird female

Temminks Sunbird

Temminks Sunbird

Indigo flycatcher

Indigo flycatcher

Yellow Breasted Warbler

Yellow Breasted Warbler

Black Collared Starlings

Black Collared Starlings
2 birds , winter from South China

Starlings Video

Little Heron

Little Heron

Grey Tail Tattler

Grey Tail Tattler

Crested Myna

Crested Myna

Chesnut Cheeked Starling-Sturnus phillipines

Chesnut Cheeked Starling-Sturnus phillipines
Second Lifer

Pink Necked Green Pigeon - video

Crested Myna video

Pink Necked Green Pigeon

Pink Necked Green Pigeon
My best ever effort with digiscoping

Cattle Egret!!

Black Collared Starlings

Black Collared Starlings
Lifer of the Day....spot at Penampang-Dongongon roadside

Oriental Pratincole

Oriental Pratincole
At the road side Penampang/Dongongon bypass

Black Headed Munia

Black Headed Munia
Shot at padi field at Penampang

Waders feeding

Waders feeding

Ruff - digiscope

Ruff - digiscope
Only bird / Penampang rice field

Black Wing Stilt - digiscope

Black Wing Stilt - digiscope
Taken at Penampang roadside

Wimbrel - digiscope

Wimbrel - digiscope
Sighted at Lok Kawi Mud flat

Pacific Egret - Grey Form

Pacific Egret - Grey Form





Digiscoping Equipment

Digiscoping Equipment

Equipment use for birding

  • Nikon D300
  • SLIK tripod / Monfrotto ProB tripod with Monfrotto Video Head 701HDV
  • Kowa Universal adapter
  • Canon G9 / Nikon L16 Coolpix
  • TSN603 with 45X wide angle / 20X wide angle
  • Nikon Monarch 10x42

Birding at Tambunan

Birding at Tambunan
Mountain Barbet / Andrew and Karim in action

Birding Time with Good Friends

22 April 08

Late updating, few trips with Jason and CK. We had a good sight of the Whitehead Spider Hunter. They took pictures (digiscoping). Have not seen it yet.

Jason on the scope for Whiteheads broadbill

Jason on the scope for Whiteheads broadbill
Broadbill quest

CK (front carrying his scope) and Jason

CK (front carrying his scope) and Jason

Jason - Tabin restaurant platform

Jason - Tabin restaurant platform


Jason - bird spotting